Better than You

FB_IMG_1494548331141Oh I know I’ve discussed how much I love my job (if you didn’t read that to yourself sarcastically then try again) but Wow! I love it today!  I don’t have a degree. Everyone else in my unit has a degree. Minimum Master’s degree.  There is one gal who absolutely LOVES to think she’s better than I am because of it.  She absolutely believes that she has the right to boss me around even though she is NOT my boss.  I take her as the kind of person who has always been a bully and gotten away with it so she keeps on.  Those who know me know that I don’t really care who you are you are not going to bully me and there is NO WAY you can out stubborn me.  I can tell that it is beginning to wear on her that I still argue with her when she tries to tell me what to do almost a year into this job. It does not bother me one iota to ignore her all day long every day and trust me I could do this for years.

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