Dish Fairy

Good Morning BeautifulI have not been so excited for as long as I can remember!  I am finally going to get a new dishwasher tomorrow!! My daughters remain skeptical that I will actually go thru with the purchase because I have said I was going to get one for the last 5 1/2 years.  I am not doing the dishes anymore however.  My daughters have quite a few chores but I still do not trust them to wash the dishes correctly and I have to eat off of them so I do them myself.  After all, the dish fairy seems to just skip right over our house every damn night for my entire adult life!  I think my Mother started that by telling that beautiful dish fairy that she could do the dishes better than she can!  Here I am suffering from that almost 40 years later!  Not for too much longer though.  Here’s to installing a new dishwasher all by myself!

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