What’s Your Reason?

When I was a young girl I lived on a small farm with my parents and sisters. Now when I say young I mean young enough to just barely remember. What I do remember quite well is my grandparents garden and fruit trees. It was so much fun to pick carrots, beans and peas right from the ground or bush and pop it right into my mouth. The crunch of the veggie mixed with a little gritty dirt. Straight from the garden rhubarb stalks covered in fresh honey. Plump raspberries and blackberries off the vines. I never paid much attention as a child to my grandmother working in her garden or just how greatly she worked so her grandchildren could make memories of her unbeknownst to them while it was happening.

Now as an adult when I work in my garden and get to see the joy all over my own daughters faces as they pick off cucumbers and peas, pop them in their mouths with smiles wider than the Grand Canyon my heart swells larger than Texas. It’s these moments that keep me getting up every morning and working hard every day. The reason I began our little farm.

What’s your reason to homestead? Or perhaps the reason you want to?

Showing some Big Boy love!
Showing some Big Boy love!
Smile Big Mama!
Smile Big Mama!

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